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MycoRiseUp MycoDomes: For the healing and restoration of all life on Earth

MycoDomes are geodesic domes for growing mushrooms and are part of a larger whole systems design project which is in developmental phase and is geared to help support families, as well as communities, in their transition to self-reliance. This system is perfect for mycologists and farmers who wish to take their skills to the next level, by building upon an interlacing program which helps feed their families and communities, in addition to restoring land and water. MycoDomes can be made in different sizes to accommodate the needs of a family, also larger units can be made for educational, commercial and neighborhood projects.

Mushroom growing is a tremendous step in sustainability and most people do not know the first thing in doing so. MycoDomes are specialized growing units which can help the average person to grow highly medicinal, nutritious, protein-rich foods, as well as provide mushroom spawn for restoration projects.

Ask yourself, when we think of sustainability, do we even consider the ecosystem? We are not just talking solar panels and water catchment here, we are talking about creating a whole new lifestyle, with mushrooms being the star players! Not only are they an excellent food source, as deemed by the FDA, mushrooms also consume all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Plus, they act as immuno-modulators, balancing many different conditions in the body which lead to disease.(2)

In addition, they have been used to purify land and water of toxins, oils, and are even capable of biodegrading plastics!(3) Also, now that we have an understanding regarding the major link to holding carbon in the soil, we have all of the elements to create our new world! Stay tuned to learn how to get involved with the Avatism of our culture; please be in touch with any questions or comments!


Carrie Zoll, Founder


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Avatism: Building a future we can rely on!

Avatism is a cultural tendency to revert to ways of thinking as our ancestors did. Society can create a whole new framework for truly living in balance with the Earth and fungi play a pivotal part… Imagine a sustaining vision for our future, a world in which our descendants will be able to eat the fruits of our labor… This is the premise of permaculture, aquaculture and sustainable living tactics; including mycologically based projects, which are becoming more widespread every day through the avatism of culture.

In the redesigning of our culture, why have we left carbon sequestering out of the picture? Doesn’t anyone remember what we learned in science and biology? When the ecosystem is out of balance, all kinds of ecological calamities can occur, which is what we are currently experiencing on this planet. Now we are finding that fungi play a larger role in sequestering carbon than previously thought. A new study says that a certain type of fungi can help soil hold up to 70% more carbon—with potentially big impacts for the climate. The soil contains more carbon than all living plants and the atmosphere combined. Colin Averill, a grad student from U of Texas, as well as Boston U and the Smithsonian Tropical Researchers, ran computer models on over 200 soil profiles and found that Ecto and Ericoid mycorrihizal fungi (EEM) contain as much as 70% more carbon than soils dominated by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AM). Their analysis established that these special types of fungi colonize plant roots and actually “exert major control on the global carbon cycle”.(1) These Ecto mycorrhizal species (EEM) are not as common as the ladder species (AM), that’s where MycoDomes come in. More to come!

Study Shows That Some Fungi Help Soils Keep More Carbon Out of the Air |


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