Restoration to Feed the Nation!

About MycoRiseUP

MycoRiseUP is an organization which is helping to educate and inspire people to participate in their own neighborhood’s development of “Green Industries”.  Using restoration as a tool for job security, the curriculum is based on community-oriented tactics, which have been developing worldwide for centuries.

With modern research and development, Earth’s ancient mushrooms have been proven by science to be highly effective for treatment of many human ailments, and environmental concerns. Through community action, MycoRiseUp will help establish localized infrastructure for Cultural Restoration; by empowering communities with educational tools, and administering a database to share information.

MycoRiseUP is committed to the  preservation of ancient species of mushrooms, by presenting business models which inspire the creation of mushroom-based industries.  We call these “Living Industries”, inspiring businesses which build up the ecosystem, rather than destroy them for profitable ventures.  MycoRiseUp is actively networking and administering a database of mycologists, as well as revenues from these “Living Industries”.   This information will help to preserve some of the last remaining Temperate Old Growth Rainforests on Earth, as we demonstrate through community-based  action that we can sustain revenues from a Living Ecosystem!

This program is supported and inspired by Paul Stamets, the mycologist who originally patented the idea for myco-remediation, restoration using fungi. He has also conducted many studies which have proven the potent medicinal and nutritional qualities of mushrooms found in America.  His book Mycelium Running has inspired many, you can find it at

Restoration to Feed the Nation!

Carrie Zoll, founder of MycoRiseUP, has studied Paul’s work for over 6 years.  In addition to Environmental Sciences, Carrie has done extensive research on nutrition and health, and applies her knowledge to this community-oriented project to help people gain insight into how to keep their bodies and environment healthy and productive.  Please be in touch!  Email Carrie directly at


Change is Coming, Let Us RISE UP to the Occasion!