Restoration of Culture

Creating Value from Waste

Many valuable products can be created from biological wastes, which are made from restaurants, breweries, and coffeehouses, as well as from agriculture and farming.  It has been found that mushrooms grow quite well from these waste streams and that this type of “closed loop system” can help curb these industries’ costs of production.  By cycling wastes, communities can create value added products such as mushrooms, compost, and ultimately gardens.

We are witnessing a change of culture which is necessary, as a result of rising costs in food production, shipping and managing waste.  As we are realizing our impact on Global Health, we are beginning to understand, that creating closed looped systems within our city and state infrastructure, is imperative for long term maintenance of culture.

These types of sustainable systems are sweeping the Planet, represented by Green Movements; Perma-culture, Aquaponics, and Bio-dynamic Farming.   Closed looped systems have been found to be highly effective for sustaining the needs of society, as well as the needs of the planet EARTH (the one and only)!