Immunity in Changing Times

Immunity in Changing Times

Mushrooms are well known for stimulating the immune system and combating ill health.  Throughout history, traditional cultures around the world have used Medicinal Mushrooms in food, tonics, poultices and more.

Seemingly, America is catching on to what many have known for thousands of years; and now it is time to meet these demands~

With Industry!  We are creating the criteria for a cultural shift, from destroying the environment for profits, to building the ecosystem back up with “Living Industries”!

Literally re-creating our means of survival, by shifting our lifestyle back to the basics!  Utilizing the remaining old-growth forests for research and ecotourism development, is a way that we can ensure that the medicines of the past are able to continue evolving to combat newly evolving bacteria and viruses, to help feed the future!

We are currently working on a business plan which is adapted from this model and we are requesting assistance on all levels of development for this to happen.  Mycologists, teachers, doctors, scientists…  Musicians, promoters, builders, farmers and students of all kinds…

This is the re-creation of our culture…

Are you ready?

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