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Siskiyou Crest National Monument

For the Forest!

Reasons to declare the Siskiyou Crest a National Monument:

~Mushroom diversity is absolutely reliant upon the canopy, shrub, and herb layer found prominently in old forests.

~The strongest genetics of fungi are found primarily within intact ecosystems which are sustained naturally.

~The Siskiyou Crest holds some of the rarest species of fungi on the planet. Hosting mushroom conks which have been used by people for thousands of years.

~Similar with our own bodies, when forests have 7 or more species of mushrooms running inside the system, a symbiotic reaction occurs, increasing their medicinal potency.  Having a multitude of species is known to cause evolutionary leaps in the gene pool, which is called Symbiotic Integration.

~Mushrooms need habitat in order to evolve, by exchanging genetic material, the mushroom species become stronger each year.  The mushroom mycelium is the immune system of the forest;  which  becomes more resilient each year to newly evolving viruses and bacteria, only if the ecosystem is intact.

~Collection of rare mushroom genetics for research is at the core of this project, however, mushroom samples in a laboratory are only as evolved as they were when collected. Subsequent mingling of genetic material with various species is critical to health and vigor of the specimen.

~With the discovery of the first evolved aquatic mushroom in the world, found here in Southern Oregon, we have a responsibility to preserve our Old Growth ecosystems for the continuance of evolution.

MycoRiseUp will help emphasize the importance of ecological diversity to preserve ecosystems, for further research and development into industries which will help this Planet thrive.

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